The Gard Project


Sometimes we make them impulsively, based on the current situation. I always look at the long-term implication of everything but I have been letting these judgment calls get the best of me. I need to observe the long-term impacts of things once again. Kind of like those age-old debate arguments on the budget deficit and the wealth gap. We have to look at the long term, I have to look at the long term.


When things don’t seem to make sense, I listen to this song. When my mind is not made up on a serious issue, I listen to this song. I don’t know why, there is just something about this song that demonstrates the power of the individual, the power of change, and the ability to persevere.

A lot of things don’t make sense actually. A lot of things seem to be up in the air.

Anonymous asked: Who do you want to get to know better?


You can never ignore life and its problems

They always come back to bite you at the worst times. One moment it’s gone and everything seems okay and the next it doesn’t seem right at all. That’s life. Might as well resolve the problems now.

Meeting Random People

At the airport is always an adventure.

Today I flew to LA to give a 30 minutes presentation and then flew back. That’s the life.

Teaser to my future? I think so.